Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is practiced by many ancient tribes. The Dogon tribe of Mali, for example, regarding the piercing of the lip as a way of commemorating the way the spirit of their ancestors, Naomi, gave them the power of speech. In the society of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, a man who has a lip piercing is a member of the upper caste and he usually wears jewelry made of gold and jade. Today many people wear, including some celebrities lip rings because of the way they speak.

While it would be possible to use the bad girl or bad boy, you paint, take note that going through lip piercing is no joke. This is a decision that the cause of risks and consequences that you might regret later, your actions included. You must also remember that a lip piercing is not something you can just remove after becoming tired. So if you plan always a lip piercing, here are some things you write before by them.

lip piercing tipsAs you will live with him for the rest of your life, you need to know where your lip piercing to be done. Putting a lip ring on your lower lip is strongly recommended because they have no contact with the gums and not cause damage in this area in the future.

You can also use a labret stud on the area below the lower lip. It is also a labret. Because the flat disk is squeezed between the back of the lip and gums, the placement of this lip piercing is very important because it can hurt your gums.

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