Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing has become one of the hottest trends in body art. It is less traumatic than the rest of the holes on the body and face - such as the nose, lips, breasts and genitals of perforations. Navel piercing became fashionable because of the supermodel Christy Turlington, who appeared on stage with the navel pierced during the Fashion Weeks in London in four years late. The example of Christie proved to be catchy, and was by Naomi Campbell, to keep its rival did, and came to the podium with a similar in navel jewelry, followed the next day.

Belly Button PiercingJewelry Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing jewelry usually of materials such as surgical steel, titanium, silver and plastics. It can be indifferent shapes such as rings, micro-dumbbells and so on. It is highly recommended, a barbell immediately after a piercing cold, the healing process accelerates wear. With a dumbbell, it is much faster than a navel piercing. And then you can insert it into the hole other jewelry, including belly button rings.

Belly Button Piercing: types and aspects of treatment.

There are two basic types of belly button piercing - Standard and varied. In the standard model there is only one perforation of the umbilicus, which is strictly vertical. The pin is inserted into the hole, so that the upper ball just above the skin for about half a millimeter. Otherwise, the beautification of the pressure on the belly button and can cause a feeling of unease about.

The belly button piercing is a series of multiple perforations. They should not be performed simultaneously, in each case because the injury can interfere with each other. Apart from run to such extremes is filled with all sorts of complications.

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