Lip Tattoo

Get a lip tattoo is becoming very popular. It is when you have a pattern, tattooed the name, symbol, number or other small design on the inside of the lower lip. Getting it on your upper lip is also possible, but not the norm.

As the lip States last differs from person to person. A lip tattoo can take between 1-5 years if you keep going for touch-ups, but in general they fade very quickly and some can even stain or fade within a week .. This is because your inner lip is constantly wet, so it really is not to seal the ink into the skin like tattoos. More saliva breaks down the ink as it eats. You must touch it until at least 4 or 5 times before it is more sustainable. So be sure to become a professional tattoo artist, the experience with the lip tattoo must go. One trick is to take the appearance for a little longer for a piece of tissue paper between the lips, after work is done to place, the pigment ink, or a better chance to penetrate deeper.

Skull Lip TattoosThe degree of pain, as with all tattoos also vary from person to person. Some people say it's the most painful place to be to get a tattoo, and some say it is a misconception that most lip tattoos hurt. So I think it's safe to say that it would be like any other tattoo on your body hurt. Another thing to remember is that a lip tattoos is also a funny taste in the mouth, which is normal because the blood and ink. (So ​​do not panic.) Tip: The artist must be experienced and able to cut your tattoo of the lips, without you having to do the veins in your lip.

All tattoos need care and lip tattoo are no different. You can not eat or drink anything after just a lip tattoo is done and in the long run you'll probably rinse your mouth after eating, drinking or smoking, so be sure to follow the advice of after care Your tattoo artist. But here are some general tips: Do not use mouthwash regularly are the chemicals that make it fade faster. (Use antibacterial or without alcohol.) Will not take or lose it because if you rub the pigment to bleed. Not on the mouth to suck and stay away or limit your intake of citrus and alcohol.

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